Quromorphic Winter Workshop 2023

Quromorphic will hold a workshop on all things Quromorphic-related. The workshop aims to bring together specialists on all of the various aspects of neuromorphic quantum computing, from theorists designing quantum algorithms. to experimentalists building working quantum chips, to industry experts concerned with the real-world applications of quromorphic computing. Together we will discuss not only he current state-of-the-art for quantum computing, but also future of the field, both as a topic of academic research and as an emerging technology.



February 14-16, 2023.

A full schedule will be posted closer to the event.


Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

Staudtsraße 2, 91058

Erlangen, Germany



Invited speakers will be announced closer to the event.



Christopher Eichler (ETH Zürich), Michael Hartmann (FAU), Florian Marquardt (MPL), Samuel Wilkinson (FAU)